Samir Hussain

Samir joined CREDIL in July 2011. Since then, he worked on a number of database-backed web application, added enhancement to a DNSSEC querying backend and created several automation tools.

Samir has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from University of Ottawa. He has been using Linux since 2000 and has participated in the Ottawa Canada Linux User Group, Ottawa Python Authors Group and GOSLING (Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments).

Samr is working on a full time assignment at Xelerance.


Prior to joining CREDIL he had worked as a mobile developer, Microsoft .NET web application developer and an IT consultant for an international non-government organization.

His areas of expertise are programming in Python, Ruby, bash, Java, C#. He is also an expert on DNSSEC.


His interests include reading, cricket and programming in his spare time.

He has served as a board member for CREDIL.

CREDIL Projects: